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Join with us to change the hearts and minds of our political elite.

To say that we are living in strange and challenging times would be an understatement of unprecedented levels.

Through the covid-19 crisis, we have seen the implementation of lockdowns, restrictions, vaccine passports and mandates and due to all of this, we have witnessed the most draconian imposition upon people’s lives than ever before in our country’s history.

This has led to robust debate, argument and sadly, divisiveness amongst our community. People’s positions on things such as vaccines, mandates and lockdowns have polarised society pitting families against each other, employers against employees, friends and friends and governments against their own people.

People are now hesitant not about vaccines but raising the subject in case they are demonised by people that are important to them, people they care about or through fear of putting their employment at risk. Social media has now become a battlefield of opinions and the extreme levels of both sides of the argument. Express an opinion that you don’t want the vaccine then be prepared to be demonised, express an opinion that you are taking the vaccine or even giving it some consideration then prepare to be demonised.

Dare to take to the street to protest your government in what is supposed to be an open and free democracy than be prepared to be shot at, pepper-sprayed, assaulted, arrested and fined.

So what to do about it?

That is where the Australian Red Patriots come into things. We will be regularly sending emails to different groups of politicians, bureaucrats, public officers and people of influence. We will be writing up the letter to send and then we will be asking all our Red Patriot members to join us in emailing those letters along with us on all of our campaigns.

The goal is to inundate their email in-boxes with similar letters and the same letterhead and while at first, we will be starting small we want to grow this as larger as we can. In doing this we are not breaking any laws, any of the CHO’s directions, nobody can be arrested or fined and most importantly shot at. We will just annoy the hell out of the people that have made our lives such a living hell for the past two years.

To do this is all very simple in three easy steps.

Step one is to download all the email contacts of these people which are readily available online.

Step two is to find an email marketing software of your preference and upload those contacts. If you set this up correctly sending 300 politicians an email will be as easy as a push of a button

Step three is to set them up so you can write your own email, link to our letter which we will make available and then hit your send button.

Once set up you would only need to spend ten minutes maximum on this a week, but It would have a dramatic effect.

The key here would be recruiting people to our cause through registrations via our website at From there, once a week we will be notifying our red patriot members via email of the next campaign, and providing them everything they need to lobby the political and bureaucratic elite like there was is tomorrow.

We will be starting with small numbers, but looking to build to 100 members, then 1000 members, then 10,000 members and from there the sky is the limit. There is no joining fee but if people believe in what we are doing there will be opportunities to contribute and buy merchandise.

We are having a professional logo designed which our members and supporters can use on social media to recruit more members and in their emails to our targeted audience in our various campaigns.

We will not be joining or aligning with any political parties or organisations as one thing we have discovered throughout the past decades is that political parties can divert dramatically from their original purpose. The Liberal and Labor parties are both prime examples of that. Instead, we have one purpose and that is to promote what we believe is policy and agendas that are in the best interest of Australia, its people and the society within which we all live.

At election time we will be endorsing political parties that we think will be promoting and implement policy platforms to deliver what will be our agenda.

To begin with, our first priority will be to push back against the draconian measures imposed upon Australian citizens during this covid-19 crisis and work to return our god-given birthright to liberties and freedoms.

As time goes on we build on that agenda through articles and discussion and continued campaigns to our elected representatives and government employees and public officers. Members can then join in those campaigns they support. All through five to ten minutes on a keyboard each week.

If you want to make our politicians and bureaucrats that we pay millions of taxpayer dollars to accountable, then this will ensure that happens.

 We start our efforts today with our first campaign to the Victorian Liberal Party members of parliament who have been outside a few have largely been missing in action for the past six years. Worse they have jettisoned the very values and beliefs they stand for in the hope that the Andrews ALP government will deliver them government into their laps.

This has resulted in them promoting a policy platform that is a lighter shade of grey to their ALP opponents and nowhere near close to one that will deliver true classical liberal values let alone conservative ones. The very values that will deliver a society whose citizens live in freedom, embrace their liberties and build the very best lives they wish to aim for.

After all, isn’t that what Australia has always been about except for the past two years?

If you, like us, believe in this vision for our country, then join with us from today to ensure that society is built and delivered to every Australian. Become an Australian Red Patriot today!

To join us in our efforts CLICK HERE to go to our campaigns paige which will have instructions on what to do.

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