My letter against tyranny

A letter to start a fight back against tyranny.

Dear Federal Liberal Parliamentary  Party members

I am writing this letter to convince you to stand up against your leadership before you take us across the cliff onto an abyss nobody who embraces the freedoms and liberties  we have enjoyed in this country wants.

The Liberal party that I have voted for at nearly every election in my adult life is to me now a shadow of the party that once represented the core values and beliefs that I believed best represented and hopefully governed this once magnificent nation.

I say once, as I now find myself looking at a socialist governed nation in Sweden with a significant dose of envy at the lives their people are enjoying compared to ours currently under a federal Liberal government. Australia is no longer the standout country on the globe, renowned for its free spirit its laconic ocker attitude and its friendly and welcoming populace. The Liberal party has led us down a path I could never have envisioned two years ago. The fact that I look to politically socialist country of Sweden as a beacon of freedom and liberty as opposed to the society we now have in this country, simply tells me something has gone dreadfully wrong.

I certainly believe that the modern Liberal Party has deserted millions of us  that once relied on this party of Sir Robert Menzies to deliver a better future for this nation and its people. So considering all of this, I went looking for answers and I was keen initially to see if I was imagining things? Or has the Liberal party that I have supported at the ballot box for decades indeed removed itself so far from my values that I want for instilled and embraced for myself and my country.

So I went and explored your Federal Liberal Party website and I was pleased to discover that at least on this website the words sentences and documents I read continue to reflect the party I once knew and voted for. Sadly though, words are cheap and for them to be of any value they must be supported by the strongest of actions, the greatest of integrity and the deepest depths of courage when challenged.

In this letter I cover what I discovered. It is lengthy but I believe it is also vitally important to you as members of the Federal Liberal parliamentary party. I believe it to be important to you as individuals and the integrity with which you may wish to be judged upon. When your time as politician finishes the legacy you leave will hold you accountable to our nation that you now represent and help to govern and more importantly to the people of this nation for which you have the heavy responsibility to govern.

All I ask from you is to read this letter in full, to have the decency to reply, not via an automated message or letter drafted by one of your staff, but directly from yourself, whether that be via a return email, a phone call or even a zoom conference. I will be following this letter up with direct contact through your electoral offices. I am engaging in our democracy and would expect you to make the effort to reciprocate that effort.

All replies will be shared with my following through my business and social media so they can also obtain a fundamental understanding of your position of what the modern-day Liberal party stands for and represents.

The future of our nation and its people are at a crossroads not seen before in our history, not because of the covid-19 virus but due to our government’s responses to it both at a state and federal level. If you truly believe in what is listed on your website then you simply have no other choice but to reconsider your government’s position.

You need to find the courage that is so lacking at the moment and find it quickly. Alternatively, you can reveal yourselves for who you really are and what you believe in and redraft your documentation and wording on your very own website as it’s not reflective of how you are governing. At least be authentic and honest about your goals aims and ambitions for this nation.

So let’s dive into that information, shall we? On your website I discovered the following:

From Your Party Website Page titled “Our Beliefs,” the following is written, to which I have highlighted it in bold red while I have added my own observations, notes and questions.

We Believe:

In the inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples; and we work towards a lean government that minimises interference in our daily lives, and maximises individual and private sector initiative.

Fine words that simply aren’t reflected in the way that the federal Liberal Party or any of its state counterparts are governing at this present time. Over the past two years, Australians have seen and felt the greatest encroachment upon our lives by our governments, politicians and bureaucrats than at any time in my 58 years of life.

There is no greater interference in our lives than when a government separates families, enforces border restrictions and closures to restrain peoples movements, produces an environment where businesses, especially small to medium-sized ones, find it impossible to survive and where a government places itself between an individual, their health professionals and their health choices.

The keywords in the above statement I have underlined. They are great words that I fully support and agree with. The sad reality though is that we have a Liberal Prime Minister who is looking to create a second class of citizens simply because they won’t make the health decision he wants them to make.

To make matters worse, he then slanders them with the accusation that they are a danger to themselves and others”.

We also have a NSW Liberal Health Minister who accused the same group of people as being “Extremely Selfish” and saying “What a hide you have..for expecting to receive hospital treatment paid for by taxpayers”.

This is after his boss the, NSW Liberal premier, accused those who protested her Liberal government’s policies on Saturday the 24th of July, as being selfish, contemptuous and lawbreakers.

So when you own parties documents and wording states “In the inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples” should that now be amended to “In the inalienable rights and freedoms of only the people who agree with everything we say and who never taking a contrary view”? 

In government that nurtures and encourages its citizens through incentive, rather than putting limits on people through the punishing disincentives of burdensome taxes and the stifling structures of Labor’s corporate state and bureaucratic red tape.

I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of small to medium-sized business owners around the nation questioning this statement at the moment.

In those most basic freedoms of parliamentary democracy – the freedom of thought, worship, speech and association.

Really? For nearly two long years now we have seen our fellow citizens arrested for making social media posts, reporting on events, attending events and even going to church. People who have had contrary views, thoughts and speech have been cancelled and censored, no matter their background or expertise. We have seen people with contrary views to the Liberal government’s position both at a state and federal level being demonised, defamed and discredited. How does any of this equate to the above statement on YOUR WEBSITE!

In equal opportunity for all Australians;

This is an intriguing statement considering we now have a Liberal Prime Minister ostracising and openly discriminating against those within our society who choose to not get vaccinated. If you restrict their freedoms, their way of life, their employment how does that equate to opportunity for “ALL” Australians.

In short, we simply believe in individual freedom and free enterprise

This statement was actually in bold on your website. How can you believe in Individual Freedom where you have denied so many, so much in the way of freedoms and liberties for two years and now you have a national leader prepared to implement medical apartheid against those for exercising one of their greatest freedoms of all, the freedom to make their OWN health choices FREE from bullying and coercion. As for free enterprise, I refer to my previous statement on the hundreds of thousands of small to medium-sized business owners you have made to suffer throughout these lockdowns.

All of these observations and contradictions from what you state you believe and what you implement were extracted from one page on your website. I then clicked on the link to your Party Platform document. 

My goodness me what a can of worms that opened.

In this document all of the following was written;

In Government being sufficiently responsive so that it can meet its proper obligations to its citizens

Which citizens are we talking about here?

Large corporates?

Elite sports?

Television and movie celebrities?

 Public service employees?

All of these have been well looked after throughout our two-year dance with the covid-19 virus. Can you say the same about Mum and Dad business owners? Families separated from loved ones by border closures? Inhumane and vile decisions made by just as inhumane and vile bureaucrats that stop families from being with each other in times of sickness? In hospice care as they endure their last days? In nursing homes and even at funerals? Even the funeral of a 10-year-old boy in a country region not touched by covid-19. 

How about our kids? How are your obligations to them going? Separated from mates, from their schools, from their sports? Now many of you are talking about injecting young children with an untested vaccine none of them will need which can put them at risk of injury or even worse death.

What obligation are you meeting there?

In the rule of law and justice, giving all citizens equal rights under the law, responsibilities to maintain it, and the freedom to change it.

Another statement reduced to nothing more than a talking point.

For example, the manic response to last weekend protests from concerned citizens compared to the response you provided to the BLM marches is proof positive that equal rights under the law do not for all citizens.

The way our police forces have treated those opposed to lockdowns and vaccines is also in stark contrast to many criminals who roam our streets.

In Liberalism, with its emphasis on the individual and enterprise, as the political philosophy best able to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

I would agree with and support this statement. However, judging by your governance and actions over the past two years you have forgotten what “Classic Liberalism” is all about, either that or you never really believed in it in the first place. What would be even worse is that you just use these sots of statements to convince people you believe in one thing when in fact you are of a conviction that is at polar opposites to this statement.

The foundations of modern Australia are its freedom, its opportunity, its tolerance and its egalitarian sense of fairness – all foundations which Liberals are committed to protecting and strengthening.

Until recently the vast majority of Australians would have agreed with this.

After two years of a Morrison Liberal government, now most people are wondering whether the freedoms that were so wrongfully taken from us in the first will ever be returned, when will we be given back our previous opportunities to live our lives unhindered by nefarious government interference and regulation and when will tolerance and that sense of fairness you talk about, be afforded to those who most disagree with your government’s position.

I genuinely ask you how on earth has this Morrison Liberal government protected or strengthen any of these principles?

All Australians should be rewarded for their productive enterprise and those in crisis or need should be assured of proper support.

How can we obtain a reward for our productive enterprise when you keep shutting down the opportunities for us as citizens to obtain those rewards? All you have ensured over these past two years is that far more of us will require the government support you mention as you have delivered so many of us into an unnecessary crisis, that could and should have been avoided.

Above all, the focus of nation-building is on the future, giving all Australians a sense of hope in terms of their future and optimism in terms of Australia’s future in a rapidly changing world.

What hope? What future? What nation-building? All most Australians see is smoke and ruins of their previous beloved country.

We are spiralling into national debt the like of which we have never seen before in our history, with no nation building projects being delivered from that spending. Our future generations will be paying for this folly for the next fifty to a hundred years. How is that providing hope? How is that providing a future of optimism? 

Only in a society where individuals are free to pursue their individual goals can tyranny be avoided.

Of all the statements on your website, this is the one that jumps out at you most when you read it.

I couldn’t agree with the statement more, yet we have one Liberal leader after another across this nation both in government and opposition, implementing and proposing one tyrannical action after another. What individual outside the political, celebrity, corporate and media elite is genuinely free to pursue their individual goals at the moment?

 The middle and lower class sections of our society have been denied some of their most inherent individual goals of freedom which is so eloquently encapsulated in the USA’s Preamble to the Declaration of Independence:-  

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

What amazing wonderful words these are and they are in effect an expansion of the above statement in your platform document on your website. Is the current Liberal party living up to these fine words? Any fair-minded person would struggle to make an argument on the Liberal party’s behalf. Many across this nation think tyranny far from being avoided is being implemented in incremental steps in the stealthiest of fashions.

Freedom can only be meaningful if individuals have the opportunity to participate, achieve and develop their talents. Respect for the individual implies tolerance of others.

One can only assume that the Liberal party has given up on this fine statement. What respect? What tolerance has been afforded to the millions across this nation who disagree with the government’s stance on vaccination for covid-19?

In restricting this group within our society how is that giving individuals the opportunity to participate? To achieve? To develop their talents?

In short, it clearly is not. In short, you are failing those you represent as outlined in this statement.

This is why Liberalism is the enemy of privilege, sectional interests and narrow prejudice.

The modern Liberal party has jettisoned this belief as quickly as a Joe Biden jettisons a cognitive thought in a press conference or town hall meeting.

Intrusive government has been demonstrated by history to be inefficient, cruel and discouraging to human achievement.

I agree, so why are Liberal governments both state and federal engaging in this style of intrusive government so enthusiastically?

Liberalism is a philosophy of strategic but limited government.

How much has government bureaucracy been reduced during the Turnbull/Morrison years of Liberal government? Has there been a larger bureaucracy in our time as a federation? If you believe in limited government why have you not implemented it?

The role of government is to set the framework of laws and other rules within which individuals and families can freely make decisions about their own lives and pursue their goals with confidence.

Does this cover health decisions?

Whether I can or cannot choose to wear a mask where the science says it doesn’t work but the government insists I wear it anyway?

Why is hydroxychloroquine banned in Australia if I can freely make decisions about my own life?

What about Ivermectin?

Why have those decisions been denied to so many of us?

If we are so free to be making our own decisions why is a Liberal Prime Minister calling us a danger to society for making that free decision?

Why are Australian citizens being targeted with bullying coercion and demonising when they make those FREE decisions about their lives?

Why is there any talk about Vaccine Passports if this statement is an actual belief of the Liberal party? This statement and the concept of Vaccine Passports or any restrictions on un-vaccinated people is a total contradiction.

By both the laws it enacts and the taxation it exacts, government should interfere as little with the freedom of the individual as is consistent with the maintenance of a fair and open society.

The hypocrisy of this Federal Liberal governments actions just keeps being demonstrated by their own words written and statements such as this printed in your documents. You are demining and implicating yourselves!

Government can never duplicate the range of values and the life experiences of individual citizens and cannot therefore effectively substitute centralised for individual decision-making.

Isn’t this exactly what Vaccine Passports are doing?

Creating opportunity and security for Australians is the basic aim of Liberal social policy. As ours is a party for all Australians, Liberals care about the well-being of all, not just particular lobby groups or sectional interests.

The more I read this document the more gobsmacked I become. How do you care about the well-being of those you have demonised as “Anti-Vaxxers” and “Tin-foil hat wearers” if you legitimately care about the wellbeing of all Australians. If you did so you would respect our rights to make our own individual decisions concerning our lives, freely and without intimidation. Clearly, the Liberal party and its leaders across this great continent are failing to live up to this fine aspiration.

The capacity to grow and develop in a changing world depends upon predictability and social cohesion. Sudden and far-reaching change can be hostile to the stability upon which a liberal society depends. Liberals approach change with a conscious need to respect the legitimate expectations of our citizens and to ensure that social unity is not threatened by that change.

There is no social unity in this country at the moment, I have never seen our nation so divided and so conflicted. All of this after nearly nine years of Liberal Federal government.

Every act of government is to be judged by a simple test: Is it in the best interests of Australia and Australians?

You have been weighed, you have been judged and you have been found wanting by your own words.

Liberals recognize that maintaining our quality of life is contingent upon accepting individuality, free choice and freedom of expression;

At the moment this statement is nonsense to have associated with the current reality of Liberal Party governance and it should be removed from your website.

Liberals recognize that maintaining our quality of life is contingent upon protecting personal privacy;

Really? Digital Health Certificates, Vaccine Passports, QR codes and digital currency, are all things that will protect our privacy or further intrude upon it?

Liberal Party Constitution:

The objectives of the Party are to have an Australian nation:-

dedicated to political liberty and the freedom and dignity of man; Except when you disagree with the Liberal parties narrative, then you are a danger to society, a nitwit, a conspiracy theorist a tinfoil hat wearer. How can you have liberty freedom and dignity when for simply having an opposing view you are demonised, defamed and abused?

in which an intelligent, free and liberal Australian democracy is maintained by:-

iii) freedom of speech, religion and association; Freedom of Association through the protests across Australia’s major cities was demonised and slandered by Liberal politicians both state and Federal. Freedom of speech no longer exists. If it’s contrary to government narrative and talking points, it is attacked, censored and cancelled where possible.

  1. iv) freedom of citizens to choose their own way of living and of life, subject to the rights of others; I am pretty confident had millions of our nation’s citizens been afforded this freedom over the past two years, there would have been no lockdowns, restrictions, border closures, mask-wearing or forced vaccinations. I would suggest Liberal Party members of parliament need to revisit their party’s constitution.
  1. v) protecting the people against exploitation; I am very confident if you look at who has made some generous money through this covid-19 crisis and then look who has had to endure and suffer throughout it, you will see quite clearly who has been exploited. All and sundry know that we have not “all been in this together.”

If I had looked harder there would have been more contradictions, more statements not reflected in the reality of Liberal government actions and mantra.

What I have listed is enough to demonstrate conclusively the total hypocrisy between what are your stated values and the reality of your actual actions in government.

How can you sit in parliament after being elected on this stated platform and watch your party, your leadership and in particular your Prime Minster trash what are fine and noble values to aim for. Remember, I didn’t make any of this up, these are your words, these are your stated beliefs, and these are your stated values.

This is what you must have believed in when you first joined the Liberal party, it is what you must have believed in when you stood to represent your electorate at the last election. If you are a backbencher, why do you now stay silent and not speak up when these values and beliefs are so clearly being ignored trashed and even jettisoned by many within your party and many within your leadership?

Are you so blinded by what you see as your duty to your party leaders and electoral success at any cost that you cannot see your deeper duty to defend, outline and put into action the thoroughly decent words and statements so eloquently included in your various documents?

 Had your government abided by these beliefs, this country would be in a far different and more attractive position than where it is now.

If you are a frontbencher or a member of the cabinet, if you have any integrity or ethics at all you would resign your post immediately as a matter of protest. Put aside your ambitions and instead recognise your greater duty, your greater loyalty is not to your party leadership, not to your political career but instead to this nation and more importantly its people.

Your party has now embarked on the stated goal of implementing medical apartheid with two classes of citizens in this country. Is this why you entered politics? To oversee the dawn of an era of tyranny upon one of the world’s greatest examples of freedom, liberty and democracy? Is that the legacy you want to leave?

You have a Prime Minister who now has announced the implementation of policies and laws that will ensure discrimination against a larger proportion of people you swore an oath to serve and protect. How can anybody think that demonising and discriminating against their fellow Australians is a good idea politically or is one that is morally acceptable?

It is beyond comprehension for any fair-minded person. It is repugnant!

You are all members of parliament, you have significant influence, and you could all force your government’s hand to step back from the abyss and to rethink what you are so close to implementing. This country fought for decades against apartheid in South Africa for citizens in another country. It fought for its own citizens in multiple wars and conflicts. Are you now so morally bankrupt that you won’t fight for those very same rights for our citizens now?

Do some reading, rediscover what “Classic Liberalism” is all about and realise how far you have drifted from those fine and noble principles that enshrine what it is to be human, what it is to be free, what is to be provided with the opportunity to live a life full of liberty, joy, happiness and prosperity. Why have you allowed yourselves and your party to move so far from that platform?

You cannot keep pursuing the path you are on, if you do so you risk breaking the fabric of this nation forever. I have never seen Australians as a people so divided, we need true leaders, true warriors to turn this around. Where is your courage? Where is your accountability to ALL of the Australian people? Where is your accountability to yourselves?

I call on every ethical sitting Liberal politician to do the following as a first step to saving this nation

  • Tear down the farce that is the national cabinet and take back control of the direction of our federation.
  • Cease with the Vaccine Passport madness
  • Cease with the coercion and bullying. Realise it goes against everything you represent that I have outlined in this letter and which is stated so clearly on your website and in your documentation.
  • Do as your statements so boldly declare. Give us once more, the freedom as individuals to make the choices that will impact upon our own lives.
  • Make Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin freely available in this country. Give us the ability to choose.
  • Set a date for a freedom day, where all restrictions are lifted, QR code systems are returned to the dustbin of bureaucratic bad ideas, that border closures cease

In a court of fairness, faith, freedom and justice, your own statements would condemn you and you would be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of at least the following:

  • Inflicting tyranny, oppression and discrimination upon the Australian people.
  • A total failure to govern according to your stated objectives.
  • A dereliction of your sworn oath to serve the Australian people.
  • The theft of hope, prosperity and happiness from so many people’s lives.
  • The unnecessary infliction of pain and suffering by denying access to family and friends at their most desperate of times.
  • The unnecessary implementation of an environment that allows issues of mental health to impact our most vulnerable, especially our youth.

No doubt a person with far greater abilities than my own could outline and articulate even further instances of breaches of your OWN stated goals and ambitions for this county and its.

The fact is that without a doubt you continue to remain silent, if you continue to not find the courage to stand and speak out now, then you’re are guilty of one of the most reprehensible sins an individual can make. You are guilty of jettisoning everything you claim to believe in, to value, to stand by and defend, simply  because you prefer to cower in fear and hope the storm will blow over.

This is a time for Warriors,  a time for patriots not cowards, to join those of us who TRULY believe in the fine statements outlined in the Liberal party documentation. Fight for those values with us, approach your leadership and demand a change in direction and if that change is not forthcoming then have the courage to WALK OUT!

Follow the example of your former colleague Craig Kelly, a TRUE liberal now sits and fights for the Australian people, go and sit with him on the cross-benches and join with him in this fight. We don’t need all of you to do this, just enough to secure a balance of power scenario, where you can hold any future government to account whether it be LNP or ALP.

The time to fight is now, the time to unite our nation is now, the time to put country before your party is now, the time to bear witness to your values is now. If you won’t stand by those values, if you won’t stand by those of us who have stood by you at the ballot box for all these decades and you refuse to change direction from this path into a draconian and totalitarian future, then I swear this. I will fight your party and all who support it with all I have until my dying breath.

Fight for us, fight for our freedoms or we will fight mightily against you for them to be restored to us once more.

Yours sincerely



Bob Mann

A concerned citizen

A concerned patriot

A concerned Australian


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