What Comes Next

First Vaccine Passports, then what follows?

Without many noticing it, the national debate has progressed past pro-vaccination versus anti-vaccination, it has progressed past pro-lockdown versus anti-lockdown, the national debate has progressed to one of liberty versus tyranny, it’s just that people have not realised it yet.

It progressed to this debate thanks  to the Prime Minister’s announcement last Friday which outlined a vaccine uptake plan that if implemented would create a second class of citizenship that would be the subject victims of state imposed discrimination.

It is a contest as old as human history itself where one group of people try to impose their will upon another for them to become their subjects, their servants, their slaves and in the worst of humanity’s history their victims.

While many nations have faced and endured these times in their past, Australia mostly has not. What Australians can do though is to learn from those other nations past. The lesson to be leaned is the earlier you start to fight against tyranny, oppression and discrimination the better. Once the tentacles of  State controlled oppression are embedded within a society, history shows the chances to stop a range of tragedies from happening vanish quickly.

Right now the vast majority of our government, our media and even our political opposition are trying to demonise and marginalised anybody who strays outside the accepted narrative on covid-19 generally and the various covid-19 vaccines in particular. This is especially true of people who have chosen to either not to have the vaccine or have chosen to wait until more data is obtained to prove that it’s safe to do so. In normal times this would be considered a rational train of thought, but these are not normal times.

Sadly our political and media elite are successfully turning one Australian citizen against the other over what should be one of the most fundamentally private decisions an individual can make, one concerning their own health choices. Instead, from the Prime Minster down there is a campaign to target people now mindlessly labelled as anti-vaxxers and that campaign is designed to coerce people into taking the vaccine and those who don’t will be bullied and marginalised relentlessly until they submit.

This has resulted in a gang approach from those who now consider themselves morally superior for taking one for the team. So now they stare and lecture those who continue to refuse the vaccine and as the Prime Minister wrongly claimed  accuse them “of being a danger to themselves and a danger to others”.

This has emboldened the pro-vaxxer gang onto a mission to ridicule the holdouts into submission.

Yet I have a question to those who see themselves as members of that gang, when you throw a value as important as a private health decision into the bonfire of coercion and bullying then what comes next?

For as certain as night follows day, if government is successful in implementing a vaccine passport or certificate system or anything remotely similar, then you can rest assured they won’t stop there. For now it’s about vaccines, but how soon will it be about religion, political beliefs, science, sexual preferences, carbon footprints, personal associations, or even dietary habits and lifestyle choices.

The ones cheering the loudest for the introduction of a nefarious system to regulate vaccines in arms of vaccine refusers, will also be the loudest to howl their protest when a liberty that they care about is isolated, discriminated against and potentially removed from their lives against their will.

They don’t seem to realise that once a freedom is forsaken and forsaken in a way they is taken by the state, that there will then be justifications to regulate or remove other freedoms by the same system they are blindly supporting.  

At that point it will be too late.

A precedent will have been set. To raise objections to the ruling elite then will fall on deaf ears as they will be emboldened with what they have gotten away with already.

There will be no going back.

The same passport that will deny Australians certain rights could then be used to regulate opinion or speech that is unpalatable to government, it could be used to force other medical treatments that the current pro-vaxx gang will be adamantly opposed to; it could also be used to deny people access to other states or regions. There are a myriad of things that once introduced, passports or certificates will track and regulate citizens within our country. They will impact us and remove freedoms in ways we couldn’t imagine.

The saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, is appropriate here. So many are currently convinced that they are on the side of the morally right, when in fact they are opining up a can of worms of human rights abuses, while unintentionally ushering in the potential dawn of totalitarian rule.

We have a chance to rally and stop this before it happens, leaving it until after vaccine passports and/or restrictions are imposed on any of the un-vaccinated will prove to be too late.

If you thinks all of that’s a bit over the top? Well think back two years ago and consider where we were then and where we are now. Maybe those trumpeting the current plan for restrictions on the un-vaccinated in Scott Morrison’s plans would be more prudent if they understood where all of this could lead, because if it’s successfully implemented for covid-19 vaccines, you can rest assured it won’t stop there.

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