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Good people staying quiet is no longer an option.

Good people staying quiet is no longer an option. The definition of fascism in the Cambridge dictionary is"a political system ...
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My letter to kill the bill

My letter to help Kill the Bill I am sending the below letter to all our federal and state members ...
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help us change hearts and minds

Join with us to change the hearts and minds of our political elite. To say that we are living in ...
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Why is the PM quiet?

Why is the Prime Minister quiet when other countries are speaking out One of the curious aspects of this entire ...
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Where are you?

Where are you? http://theconservative.com.au/wp-content/videos/braveheartscowards.mp4To all the  Victorian Liberal Party Members within OUR Victorian parliament.As a life time Liberal voter since ...
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Time for a change

If the right model emerges, I will be shouting Republic! Republic! Albert Einstein's famous line: "Insanity is doing the same ...
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truth spin and propaganda

Truth, Spin and Propaganda. As I work predominately from home I am in the fortunate situation of being able to ...
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A Tale of two Twitters

A tale of two twitters! Over the past fortnight, I have experienced a roller coaster ride of all that is ...
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Why I joined a political party

Why I joined a political party for the first time.  I have had a keen interest in politics from a ...
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Patriotism or Oppression

Vaccine Passports - The real choice is one between Patriotism and Oppression. Why I wont be getting the jab. Recently ...
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