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A Tale of two Twitters

A tale of two twitters! Over the past fortnight, I have experienced a roller coaster ride of all that is ...
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Why I joined a political party

Why I joined a political party for the first time.  I have had a keen interest in politics from a ...
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Patriotism or Oppression

Vaccine Passports - The real choice is one between Patriotism and Oppression. Why I wont be getting the jab. Recently ...
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Crimes or Science Its a thin wedge.

The Australian Government is making up science in order to commit MASSIVE crimes. Crimes or Science? It’s a thin wedge ...
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Do we have a leader in the building?

Do we have a leader in the building? If you watched a speech given by Anthony Albanese in Federal parliament this week ...
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The journey to incompetence.

The journey to incompetence. All forms of the Australian government have completely mismanaged COVID for eighteen months. They are now ...
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What Comes Next

First Vaccine Passports, then what follows? Without many noticing it, the national debate has progressed past pro-vaccination versus anti-vaccination, it ...
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My letter against tyranny

A letter to start a fight back against tyranny. Dear Federal Liberal Parliamentary  Party membersI am writing this letter to ...
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A letter to the PM

A Letter of Appeal to the PM! We saw an impressive twitter thread last week from Matt Lowe. When we ...
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Where is the opposition

Where is the opposition? Where is the opposition? Where is the alternative?To have a true democracy people need candidates and ...
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