At The Conservative we want to encourage debate and discussion that covers conservative values, ideas, principles and politics. To have that debate and discussion  we need opposing views and opinions. We will respect those views and where they are  contributed in a proper written manner that will encourage genuine  debate and discussion we will publish them.

This paper is a great opportunity for budding writers and journalists to cut  their teeth before progressing on to bigger things.

If you would like to begin creating your port folio contact via e-mail by CLICKING HERE and send us your article. We will respond to all submissions.

Below are our current contributors.

 Bob Mann
Bob is the editor/owner/director of this conservative website and forum. Bob has real life experience running his own business, managed and built  two major basketball coach, during which he has coached teams of all levels for over thirty years.

Over the past six years Bob went into business designing websites and social media platforms for small businesses. Frustrated at the amount of time and effort he put into approaching businesses for little result he decided to start writing stories about them as well as other local organisations.

The rest is as you say, history. Bob still manages his local online newspaper, The Community Forum which you can find by Clicking Here.  Bob found though many of his articles were opinion or political pieces which was always conducive to securing local businesses to the paper. So he has now decided to start this form simply call “The conservative”. This online forum will act like an insert in the Community Forum publication, where people can transition to it if they wish to.

Bob’s intention is to run the two publications in parallel where they will ultimately compliment each other. To see Bob’s work CLICK HERE.