In our ANZACS footsteps it’s time to fight oppression once more

During covid-19 I played around with my own online publication. My government had shut down my business and I was sitting home in my one-bedroom granny flat in Melbourne, staring at my four walls living under draconian rule and wondering how the hell did we get here?

To maintain my sanity I decided to start my own political online newspaper called “The Conservative” and through doing so I was able to vent my frustrations with our political and media elite and then share them with my Twitter (now X) friends and followers.

It was a bit of fun that also earned me a little spare change.

Once restrictions were slowly lifted, I also slowly resumed my normal business and personal life but I had already decided that if our governments, both state and federal, were to come for our freedoms once again, then I would resume this publication and more.

Never in my wildest dreams though did I think our political and media elite would come for our freedom of speech, opinion and source of news during our most sacred of weeks when we commemorate our ANZAC forebears.

This past week has seen our political and media elite engage in the vilest and most nefarious of strategies to divert our attention from what are their glaring failures. In the space of just under two decades, consecutive governments have overseen a declining standard of living and more importantly an erosion of Australian culture and way of life.

They have ballooned our national debt to unmanageable levels, they have divided a united country, they have turned our institutions into caverns of woke socialism, they have turned our police forces upon our citizenry, they have convinced members of our society that drugs and surgery can change their gender, they have allowed others to make up multiple genders and pronouns, some reflecting animals. They have convinced parents that having perverts read stories to their children is a perfectly normal thing to do, we now have biological men sharing sporting fields, change rooms and toilets with our daughters, wives and mothers, they have attacked Christianity, a religion of peace, love, forgiveness and compassion, while protecting a religion that promotes bigotry, racism, barbarism and the worst misogyny.

We now witness our Millennials and Gen X, Y and Z marching in our streets and camping on our university grounds in support of terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. They have pursued an insane policy agenda on energy, determined to destroy one of the world’s most reliable energy grids that delivered some of history’s lowest power prices to households and businesses that gave our different industry sectors a spectacular global advantage for one that is unreliable, ridiculously expensive and make us globally uncompetitive. Oh and on top of that will do absolutely nothing to bring down global emissions, which is why we went down that path in the first place.

Governments on both sides of the aisle have overseen an invasion of immigration that has changed the face of Australia, and been incompatible with our way of life, our language, our faith, our economic prosperity, and our ability to provide for our families.

The numbers have been so ridiculously high that our major cities are bursting at the seams, with ever-increasing housing and rental prices, while at the same time ever-decreasing housing to accommodate our burgeoning population. More and more people are facing homelessness despite having a job and income with inspections at rental properties resembling pitched battles with potential renters climbing over each to secure a simple rental property after waiting in lines that can stretch around the block.

If dealing with crowded cities wasn’t enough, we also have to deal with young criminals walking our streets with all sorts of weapons committing violent crimes that we wouldn’t have conceived of two decades ago, but we are now engaging in them on a daily basis. Our governments raise the age of criminality to hide them in data while our judiciary released them back onto our streets on bail and a wet lettuce leaf slap across the wrist as a sentence.

Worst of all our politicians engage in the act of division and diversion to distract us from their failures in a game of political poker. What’s better to get our focus on their policy disasters than to set us against each other? When an opportunity to divert our focus comes along then our politicians have become masters at making us look at unimportant things so we don’t keep them accountable as we should. Sometimes though even the best poker players show their hands and fortunately for the Australian public Anthony Albanese the person who somehow fell into the job simply is very good at anything let alone one of the best.

What he is though is a vile, despicable, little man. How else do you describe a person who uses the deaths of six innocents and an extremist attack upon a minister of faith in his own place of worship to push his own contemptible political agenda? From Australian’s misery, blood and death, Albanese wants to usher in control of our right to free speech through censorship on what we can say, what opinions we can express and read, videos we can watch and bizarrely it seems, what memes we can make about him.

I am an adult and I am perfectly capable of deciding what speech and vision I want to consume. While the video of the attack on Bishop  Mari Mari Emmanuel in front of his Wakeley congregation in Sydney was confronting, it was far from the graphic violence that Albo and his political colleagues are trying to characterise this as. We have all seen far worse on the news, in films, on computer games and yes far, far worse on the internet. Why have our politicians not made the same song and dance about the vision spread on social media from the Bondi Junction knife attacks that cost six victims their lives? Why have they not demanded vision from the Hamas attacks on October 7th to be pulled down, or the ongoing scenes of war from both Gaza and Ukraine? What about Islamic extremist attacks in Nigeria where whole villages are wiped out, with images of dead men, women, children and babies? All visions on the internet all so much more graphic and bloodier than the attack on the Bishop.

If you are really paying attention this isn’t about any attacks, it’s not about graphic images or violence on our screens, our despicable politicians are using these recent attacks to bring in control of our speech and freedom of access to information. They will attend floral and candlelight tributes to victims, and say wonderful words, but as they are doing so you can be sure that their conniving and nefarious minds are thinking about how can we use this to turn it into our political advantage.

This time these political poker players have shown their hand and we simply are not buying what they have to say. We have called their bluff and like all poor poker players they have no poker face to hide their anxiety, instead, they keep doubling down and in doing so becoming unhinged.

To turn their attacks onto social media and in particular Elon Musk and his X platform is not just stupid, it’s worse. In making those attacks they expected the majority of Australians to fall in behind them, they took us to be the fools that they are. While some fit that category, the majority of Australians now exist on social media platforms and will not want their access to information and events restricted, nor their ability to express their opinions to be restrained in any way.

Instead of backing off, our political class have bizarrely doubled down.

Elon Musk is this century’s Howard Hughes, he is an industrial genius who has invented and produced the world’s most well-known electric motor vehicle, the Tesla, sent rockets into space through his SpaceX ventures, brought about Starlink for humanity to have easier access to the web, and purchased the world’s largest social media platform to protect free speech. He is a giant of this century’s achievements and his critics such as our politicians and mainstream media are nothing more than dust on his shoes.

The fact that somebody as pathetic as Jacquie Lambie can even think she can express the opinion that Elon Musk should be imprisoned just demonstrates how deluded, how irrational she is and more importantly how unfit she is to sit in our parliament.

The most disappointing of all our politicians though was the opposition leader Peter Dutton. He had largely won me over to once more voting for his Liberal party after his strong opposition to the voice referendum and his strong advocacy for nuclear power to get us out of this renewables mess. To see him come out against Elon Musk while backing Albanese and the eSafety commissioner was an act of treachery to traditional and current liberal values and beliefs. These are clearly outlined on their website and the one below in particular, the parliamentary leader of the federal Liberal Party has either not read or simply chose to ignore.

“In those most basic freedoms of parliamentary democracy – the freedom of thought, worship, speech and association.”

In consideration of the above, how can Mr Dutton justify standing shoulder to shoulder with Albanese and Inman Grant? How can he attack Elon Musk who not only proclaims free speech, he invested 44 billion of his own money into a social media platform to embrace and protect it?

Mr Dutton you lost me in that moment and I suspect millions of other Australians. I am off to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party for now, but every political party and every politician has to earn my support and my vote from this point, I trust none of them, even the ones I perceive to be good.

All of this is a smokescreen though; our politicians are deliberately provoking a fight with Musk to bring in unprecedented censorship of our freedom of speech and our freedom to access information. They haven’t hidden their intentions either with the establishment of our ridiculous eSafety commission and the appointment of an activist and disgruntled former X (Twitter) employee Julie Inman Gran. The fact that she was appointed by Malcolm Turnbull tells you all that you need to know about this despicable human.

As they engage in this fight with Musk and X, looming in the background is the government’s misinformation bill and their dangerous digital ID initiatives.

Once the triad of eSafety, misinformation laws and a digital-id is entrenched then George Orwell’s 1984 novel will move from fiction to reality and we are at the precipice of that reality.

From my perspective we need to do more than whine on how keyboards to all our social media colleagues, we need to get organised and come together in the real world, in pubs, in parks, in halls, in meeting rooms and we need to organise and fight back against what I see as the looming tyranny from within. Is there a better day to launch that effort than on ANZAC day as we celebrate our forebears who have fought the evil forces of tyranny across the globe to ensure a future of freedom, opportunity and prosperity for their future?

We need to take a leaf out of our ideological enemy’s playbook. They are persistent, they are organised and they never stop coming back to protest, to obstruct, to indoctrinate and to bully and intimidate everyday Australians into their way of thinking. Due to everyday Australians’ laid-back attitude, they have succeeded, but we simply can’t allow them to succeed here. To do so we will see this country become a field experiment for the mad minds of the like of World Economic Forum. If you think that’s a reach then you were sleepwalking through covid-19.

So what to do?

The answer to that question is simple to do what we can, and where we can to come together in a united effort to return our country to that land of freedom, opportunity and prosperity that our forebears fought and died for.

For me this article will be the first of many and, through those articles, I will express my opinions on how we can win this fight to fend off oppression in this country, through these articles I will be promoting events, where as free citizens we can come together to express our opinions, share ideas and opinions and come up with strategies to recruit people to our cause, spread our ideas, thoughts and philosophies.

I will be arranging podcasts and publishing them online for people to follow and join. I have little experience in conducting podcasts so if any of you reading this have that experience, please get in contact to educate me.

I will be arranging monthly events at venues across Melbourne where people with similar ideas, values and beliefs can come together to discuss and devise a portfolio of ideas and philosophies to take this country to the status it deserves.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand, plant our feet and say no more, it’s time to fight just as our brave Digger ANZACS did over one hundred years ago on the steep cliffs of Gallipoli. We need to follow their example and lock into their spirit to fight a battle we never could have imagined.

“At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them”

I will not only remember them, I will be inspired by their example.

So if you want to join me you are more than welcome to do so. Just get in contact with via my details below or send me a direct message via my Twitter account.

Today I will take the next step in my fight by writing to every member of our federal member of parliament to place them on notice. Give me a follow on X to make sure you don’t miss out on what I will be saying to them all, it should be fun.


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