It’s time to fight!

The time to fight back is now!

For the first since since this covid-19 political nonsense began, I now live with fear, not from the virus, but from where this once wonderful country is heading. Last Friday night (30th July) our so called “Liberal” Prime Minister declared WAR on a significant portion of the Australian citizens he has sworn an oath to serve.

So it’s now time to pick a side, not between left vs right or LNP or ALP, but a choice in the most nobliest of fights, the one between liberty & freedom versus tyranny & oppression.

This fight will pit family & friends against each other, it will get nasty & vile, but if you believe as I do that both our governments & their main opposition are now acting against the best interest of the Australian people, then we have NO CHOICE, we need to engage in this fight.

To begin that fight we have drafted a lengthy letter to send out to all our Federal Liberal and National members of parliament and we will be commencing our fight back by emailing this letter to our members of parliament.

How many of my fellow Australian patriots, my FREEDOM loving patriots will join me? On this page I will show you how to fight against this tyranny & how we can slowly but surely build a democratic resistance to it.

First you can check out the letter we have compiled by CLICKING HERE.  Feel free to copy and edit any part of this letter to write one of your own or you can send along our full copy. CLICK HERE to download a PDF version for you to use if you wish.

To assist in this endeavour we have uploaded all the contact details for Federal and Victorian State members of parliament. We also have a link to an email service provider that can make things easier for you to not only email all these m.p.’s but to follow them up.

CLICK HERE to go to a page which has links to all of this along with instructions.

I would prefer not to, I would prefer to go back to the life I once knew, but Scott Morrison & his henchmen are giving us NO CHOICE. Fight or lose, fight now, no more putting it off hoping they will come to their senses, that isn’t going to happen.

Scott Morrison declared WAR on every Australian who believes in individual rights, liberties & freedoms yesterday. In declaring that WAR he declared himself my ENEMY who I need to fight until he is defeated. Its as simple as that. Whose with me?

To follow us in this effort to lobby our parliamentarians, subscribe to our weekly newsletter through our “sign-on” form in the right hand column on this page.

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