The journey to incompetence.

The journey to incompetence.

All forms of the Australian government have completely mismanaged COVID for eighteen months. They are now enforcing some of the most dangerous and unprecedented public health orders in the world. Why would anyone trust them at this stage in the game?

To understand this, let’s have a quick revision of the last ten years of Australian politics. In 2010 Julia Gillard led a successful coup d’état to steal the Prime Ministership when she knifed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the back to become Australia’s first (Unelected) female PM.

Gillard’s Machiavellian coup set in motion what would become a decade of vindictive personal wars between Liberal and Labor MPs, all at the expense of the Australian people. Kevin Rudd, who is one of the most unhinged and disliked Prime Ministers in Australian history, spent the next three years pathologically plotting Gillard’s demise.

 In 2013, Rudd took the knife he’d been sharpening for three years and inserted it in Gillard’s spine. He was supported by Bill Shorten, a two-timing backstabber whose prints were on both ends of the knife. And during all this, Rudd’s wife, Therese Rein, amassed a net worth of $250 million.

Tony Abbott defeated Kevin Rudd in the 2013 federal election, becoming the third Australian Prime Minister in six months. In 2009 Abbott had defeated Malcolm Turnbull to become the leader of the Liberal party. Malcolm Turnbull, a former Goldman Sachs partner, who has a comparable net worth to Therese Rein and lives in a fifty million dollar mansion, took the knife out of Kevin’s hand and exacted his revenge on Abbott

In 2015 to become Australia’s second unelected Prime Minister in five years. He brought with him a legacy of mediocrity, elitism, and desperate identity politics. Turnbull, a hatchet man for central banking and progressive UN policy, did everything he could to destroy his own party and nearly lost the LNP government in the 2016 federal election. 


Malcolm Turnbull was a total disaster, and his coup came to end on August 21, 2018, making him the most embarrassing (unelected) Prime Minister in Australian history. Since being toppled as leader Turnbull has continued to this day with the help of his dopey son to try and destroy the LNP government.


The Liberal Party now exists to appease and enact global UN policy, while quietly removing national conservative values.


Labor and the Greens are far worse. These pathetic public servants spend their tax-payer funded salaries calling Australians racist, sexist, dumb, climate deniers, and any other vacuous, elitist slur they can steal from hypocritical elitist fools like Michele Obama.

Our last competent, stable government was led by Prime Minister John Howard who governed what can only be considered a golden age of politics compared to what we have had to endure since 2007 when the Australian public stupidly ended his political career.

 Over the ensuing decade, we have seen the election of career politicians whose only real-life experience is four years of socialist indoctrination at University before taking a clear path into the political machinery of Australia’s two major political forces. In this environment, your scale of achievement is decided by how you can construct a backroom deal and whether you have sufficient surgical efficiency in wielding a knife into your political opponents back, most likely within your own party.


If you want to know why our political leaders and governments have delivered us into this position, then take into account the mindset of a person who thrives in this environment. Take into account the inexperience of people who have never run a business, never managed one, never employed people, never sat up nights wondering where their next dollar was coming from, calculating on what expenses could be cut, while judging which ones were too important to jettison.


Have any of these University graduates and political charlatans studied a profit and loss statement? Completed a GST bass statement? Budgeted for PAYG taxations from their employees’ wages let alone, superannuation or WorkCover expenses? Have they ever compiled a business plan to guide a business from an idea into a vibrant entity?


Sadly, the answer for most of our political and bureaucratic elite would be a resounding no. Hence why they gravitate to cliques, lobbyists or dare I say it, faceless men. Hence why they rely on bureaucrats with nearly as little real-life experience as they have. 


A business owner would be careful and thrifty with their own money, a manager or CEO of a business or company would have partners or a board to convince. They would need to make planning and financial presentations of planning before justifying moving forward with a project.


Our political leaders lack this experience. 


Does this explain why they spend like drunken sailors? Does this explain why they lack the planning skills to cope with a crisis? Does this explain why they make decisions with no thought on how businesses operate or what they need to survive? Does this explain why they favour one preferred group above other non-preferred groups?


Their lives and careers are not decided by ethical and responsible management but rather polling companies, focus groups and partisan politics.

If you consider all of this, then you will realise how the likes of Anastasia Palaszczuk, Daniel Andrews, Mark McGowan and Gladys Berejiklian are so completely out of their depth, how they have totally mismanaged this pandemic for 18 months, and how they are mandating the most dangerous public health orders in the world right now.

Consider this and then consider saying a prayer or two for the deliverance of this nation from the incompetence of this national cabinet

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