Patriotism or Oppression

Vaccine Passports - The real choice is one between Patriotism and Oppression.

Why I wont be getting the jab.

Recently I have seen numerous selfies and posts on social media by people feeling the need to promote their virtue that they have decided to be injected with the covid-19 vaccine. This has been especially embraced by members of the Mainstream Media who seem to believe it’s a rite of passage in establishing their moral superiority over other members of society. This, all while not realising that they have evolved into one of the most loathed occupations within society.

This behaviour is one of the more curious aspects of the whole covid-19 journey. Our politicians have managed to turn one section of society against the other to deflect from their own failings. In doing so, they have instilled in one section the belief that they are morally superior to the other. Through that self-imposed feeling of superiority, they believe they have the right to inflict vitriol, hatred and even wishes of death and injury upon the other lesser section.

If you choose to remain unvaccinated you have been told you will put your employment at risk, you will be denied entry to venues and businesses, that you will continue to have restrictions placed upon your life, that you will be locked out of the economy and that you will be responsible for the spread of the covid-19 virus. You have been labelled with the imbecilic sledge of  “The epidemic of the unvaccinated”.

This is not scientific, it is a political language designed to demonise people to bring pressure to bear from others within the community in the hope of forcing them to be vaccinated. Through this, it has turned families against each other, friends upon each other and even strangers upon each other. Its real purpose however is to hide the incompetence and failing of our current ruling elite so they receive as little political push back as possible to ensure their political survival.

Some experts are concerned about government officials’ use of the phrase “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” In the USA, Robert Blendon, the  Richard L. Menschel Professor of Public Health and Professor of Health Policy and Political Analysis, Emeritus, said the phrase is “provocative,” adding, “The unvaccinated have an opposition toward Washington, and the more you stir the opposition, the more it convinces them”

So after some consideration, I believe it’s necessary to do what I can to provide some balance into the debate and explain why I have decided to NOT take the vaccine.

Before I start, let me make two things clear.

Firstly, I respect everybody’s decision to make what they consider the appropriate decision for themselves. These decisions should be made free from intimidation, bullying and coercion in either direction. Sadly to anybody with two eyes and a functioning brain, this has not been the case for those who have chosen against vaccination.

Secondly, I have chosen to not be vaccinated for a much deeper reason than what is normally spoken about. I am not an anti-vaxxer I hope and pray these vaccines prove to be the wonder drugs our politicians proclaim them to be. I am not a conspiracy theorist, I find most theories you may have heard both hard to believe and tedious in their repetition. I would prefer to trust my own instincts. Having said that, if two years ago you would have had of predicted where we are today, then you would not only be considered a conspiracy theorist but insane as well.

As for the sledge of being a tin-foil hat wearer, that is both lazy and unintelligent and reflects poorly on anybody who uses it, especially when you hold the privileged position of Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner.  If you need to demonise others to win an argument, then from my perspective you have lost that argument before it has even begun as you have nothing substantive to offer.

Whether I believe vaccines are safe and effective, or dangerous and not to be trusted isn’t important. If you are prepared to look, listen and read then you can find deep and convincing arguments on both sides from many of the world-leading experts in the relevant fields of science in this debate. To try and resolve this debate yourself if you have no qualifications would drive you insane.

For me, the argument is better framed as one of a choice between liberty and oppression and that’s a debate we all should engage in. For myself and any person who believes in individual freedom and liberties, our freedom is NOT a privilege to be granted, a carrot to be dangled, a token to be bartered, a reward for good behaviour or a preferred decision, it’s your birthright as a human being.

If you believe in that then it is not only your obligation but your duty to never let a government tell you otherwise.

Right at this point in our country’s history, it is for that reason that even if I wanted to be vaccinated, I would still choose not to. 

Even if I thought my health was at real risk I would choose not to abandon my countrymen until my government committed to treating us all as equals in opportunity and liberty.

I may disagree with my countrymen, but while my government and its politicians continue to demonise my fellow Australians I will remain unvaccinated. I will not stand by as people in my country are held to ransom and threatened. I will not stand by and see people descend into a lesser class of citizenship simply for making a health choice our politicians don’t appreciate.

Instead, I choose to stand with those citizens, if they are to be discriminated against then I will be discriminated alongside them, if they are to have their freedoms removed then I will lose mine, if they are to be devalued then my character can be assassinated as well, if they are to be excluded then I will join them their expulsion.


I will remain with them until the country I love finds its soul once more and respects EVERYBODY for the personal decisions they should be able to make FREE from political coercion or bullying. If you have had your vaccine shots you should be making a similar stand. We have been told for nearly two years that “we are all in this together” yet now for politician convenience both our major political parties are intent on demonising and ostracising my fellow Australians. I refuse to participate in that effort.

It may seem utopian to some, but I truly believe in liberty, I believe in freedom, I believe in the rights of the individual, especially the right of individuals to have as minimal impact of government upon their lives, their ambitions and their personal choices. At the moment I think it is more important than ever to draw a line in the sand against government overreach and bullying which is exactly what is happening at the moment.

I refuse to submit to a government campaign that removes the freedoms and liberties they had no right to take off me in the first place only to ransom them back if I take a vaccine whose long term effects are unknown.

I refuse to participate in a system that will create a two-tiered class system of citizenship within our society and which demonises my fellow Australians for making a decision we have been continually told that we are free to take while our participation in society is threatened and our characters assassinated.

My father and my forefathers did not fight wars in foreign lands and sacrifice the best years of their lives and in many instances pay the ultimate price to earn us those freedoms, for us now to take them away from our countrymen. Our ANZACS didn’t fight against some of history’s worst bullies for us to then be bullied with some of those same hard-won rights into a decision we don’t want to make just to have them returned by draconian governments that had no right to take them in the first place.

Where I am given a choice to abandon my fellow citizens for reward, I prefer to live by the USA marine motto of “leave no man behind”. I choose to stay behind, I choose to fight for those being discriminated against. I choose the tried and true saying of “preferring to die standing on my feet than living on my knees.” The fact is if you have chosen a course of action that leaves your fellow man in a worse position then you have chosen to bow to the unethical, you have chosen to live without honour, you have chosen to live without integrity.

You haven’t chosen to have your life given back, you have chosen a lesser life. A life where you enjoy privileges at the expense of others, who choose differently to yours, truly is a life not worth living at all. Vaccinated or unvaccinated choose unity over division, choose liberty over oppression, choose right over wrong, choose integrity over shame, choose your fellow Australians over your politician’s ambitions.

You see this is not a new battle, this is a battle as old as history itself. It’s a battle where one group of people try to enforce their worldview upon another by whatever means necessary. The most common tool is one of oppression and our politicians have only be too keen to reach for it from the tyrants war chest once more.

So for me, the choice is either side with the group doing the oppression for the carrot of having some of my previous life returned to me or stand with those being oppressed and fight for their freedoms until they are returned.

The decision for me is simple, I grew up in a household where I sat transfixed as my parents and their family and friends would talk about their war experiences, of how they the Americans, the British, their allies and even the natives of New Guinea joined to fight those who wanted to oppress others.

I grew up reading about our ANZACS at Gallipoli and on the Western Front in World War One and the common thread through those stories whether spread by mouth or pages from a book was their comradery, their brotherhood, it got them through the darkest of times. We are now facing dark times and I choose to draw inspiration from them and they would never have forsaken their fellow Australians and neither will I.

The only difference now is that we are not fighting a foreign enemy but one from within. That enemy is easy to see, they identify themselves every time they champion taking away the human rights of others. To defeat this enemy we need our fellow citizens, vaccinated or not, in these darkest of times to make the right choice.

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