Do we have a leader in the building?

Do we have a leader in the building?

If you watched a speech given by Anthony Albanese in Federal parliament this week as a result of a motion he moved to suspend standing orders during parliamentary question time, you would see why this man should never be Prime Minister. Furthermore it demonstrates why the federal ALP is not fit to sit on the government benches.

Sadly many, if not most of the LNP members of parliament, are no better. Our federal parliament should be a chamber where voices outline a variety of arguments and opinions. Over the years there have been numerous speeches that I have not only disagreed with but been offended by. That however doesn’t mean they should be suppressed.

On the day of this speech, the member for Dawson George Christensen rose to his feet and delivered a speech which I have no doubt would have resonated with millions of his fellow Australians currently suffering lockdowns. It certainly resonated with me.

Mr Christensen spoke against mandatory masks, spoke against mandatory or coerced vaccine jabs, spoke against lockdowns and questioned the wisdom of our political leadership listening to health bureaucrats who are now openly and rightly derided by many in the Australian community.

Many Australians are expressing the same views and should be listened to and have their views expressed in what is after all THEIR parliament. Mr Christensen did exactly that.

Despite this, the leader of the opposition rose to his feet at the end of question time to move a motion to suspend standing orders to attack Mr Christensen for these views that are so strongly shared by so many Australians. In these circumstances, normally the government’s leader in the house would rise and ask the speaker “for the member to no longer be heard”. These games are played on an all too regular basis and the government will normally head off any attack on one of its own members before it even starts.

So I was shocked when Christian Porter who himself has enjoyed the defence of his government over far more serious accusations, rose to his feet and allowed the opposition leader “To be heard”. What followed was a combined attack by both the opposition leader and our Prime Minister not just on the member for Dawson but also upon the millions of Australians who would share the same or similar views to those of Mr Christensen.

So let’s take apart Mr Albanese’s speech.

Mr Albenese accused Mr Christensen of supporting “dangerous remedies which are completely contradictory to the scientific advice.”

One can only assume he is talking about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. These drugs are so dangerous they have been in use for decades and are both listed on the World Health Organisations essential medicines list. Ivermectin actually won a Nobel peace prize for its inventor Japanese scientist Satoshi Omura over thirty years ago. 

Both drug treatments are widely supported and advocated for by health experts and governments across the globe. The experts who advocate for their use are all highly qualified and regarded in their fields and would be considered greater experts than the clown show of health bureaucrats we have had trotted out in front of us in these nauseating daily press conferences. 

 Bottom line; Albo lied!


He accused Mr Christensen of insulting the sacrifices Australian “heroes” had made to keep their loved ones safe. I thought he was talking about our frontline workers but no he was talking about the general public, as he went on to say “They sacrificed, they stayed home. They have kept safe from each other.”  


Hold on what? 


How is that being heroic? Watching Netflix all day or playing on the x-box all day is heroic? Working from home doing a job you would normally do all day is heroic? Being a hermit and isolating from others for the fear they are diseased clumps of biology ready to cough and splutter this dangerously contagious virus over you that records only 22 positive results from 41,000 tests; that’s heroic? 


“For a member of the house of representative, as the member for Dawson did, to attend a rally in Mackay, supporting these violent demonstrations that took place is an insult to those heroes of the pandemic and that is why this motion recognises our scientists, our doctors and nurses, our aged care and disability workers, our cleaners our truck drivers, our supermarket workers who have all made sacrifices to keep us safe.”  


To think our taxes pay for some little socialist University graduate to write these words for Albo to speak. Where is Paul Keating’s razor gang when you need them? They could get a great start in the opposition leaders office. 

 Firstly I think most Australians would welcome a member of parliament getting out in the real world amongst the citizens that he represents to obtain their perspective on things. Second, the protests were overwhelmingly peaceful. Politicians and Public Officers have been trying to tarnish protesters intentions ever since covid-19 commenced. Third George didn’t attack front line workers once in his speech, just the health bureaucrats like the CHO’s, whom if you have eyes and ears that work they have proven George correct for nearly two years now. 

Finally, I have spoken to truck drivers, supermarket employees and normal Australians who would all fully support Mr Christensen’s words. Maybe Albo needs to get out more. 

Albo then accused Mr Christensen of “encouraging others to join him on freedom rallies”. Well, quick we better build those gallows, what a criminal! 


Albanese didn’t stop there, “I’ll tell you what madness is. Madness is saying let this disease rip, let people die, let whole economies be shut down. Let’s stop us being able to return to our way of life,”  


The fact is Mr Christensen never said that we should let the virus rip, he simply said lockdowns don’t work, masks don’t work and that we shouldn’t listen to health bureaucrats who are providing contrary advice from state to state and whose strategies don’t work. Considering how many times states have gone into lockdown, then come out of them to only go back into them once again and in doing so they destroy businesses, livelihoods and our economies; now that is madness. 


Any person with a brain that thinks rationally can only assess that those health bureaucrats have little idea on how to handle this virus. 


A final point on this part of Albanese statement. Albo states that whole economies would shut down if we came out of lockdowns, the obvious point being is, aren’t our economies shut down when we are in lockdowns? 

Then, Prime Minister, Scott Morrison then rose to his feet to have his turn to attack Mr Christensen and others who may share his views. While not mentioning My Christensen’s name directly, there was no doubt who his words were directed at. 

“Crazy rubbish conspiracies have no place when it comes to the public health of this country,” Morrison said. “This government will have no association with it as we demonstrated yesterday in this house.” 

Never mind that the current strategy to combat this virus being implemented across the globe is unique and has seen previous strategies that have been decades in the making to combat a virus, jettisoned in favour of strident lockdowns. Many experts in the field of epidemiology who have had a hand in crafting those jettisoned plans would argue strongly that Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese and the health bureaucrats are in fact the ones engaging in crazy, rubbish conspiracy theories.  


But hey, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. 


Charlotte Niemiec states it best in her great article – The Heresy of Heresies, on the Daily sceptic website, where she says –  “To begin with, it shelved its ready-made pandemic plan in preference for a never-before-tried-or-tested lockdown regime. Not once, in the history of pandemics – including bubonic plague – have we quarantined healthy people.”


Morrison went on to assert, “We are going to finish this race, but we are going to do it as Team Australia, not in a way which seeks to divide Australians and pit Australians against each other.” 


This is the same Prime Minister that has openly promoted the vilification of Australians who choose to not get vaccinated, describing them “as a danger to themselves and a danger to others.” 


What was that about not dividing Australians? 


To highlight his hypocrisy Scott Morrison used a press conference on Sunday morning (15th August), to express his embrace of freedom when addressing the impending fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. In this press conference he said “Freedom is always worth fighting for.” and then in a response to a question about families questioning the sacrifice of their sons who have died in that Afghanistan conflict, Morrison said the following. 

 “What we always seek to fight for, which is freedom, is always important in whatever cause regardless of the outcome. The fact that as a nation, we stand for freedom and have been prepared to put Australians on the line for that cause is never in vain because if you stop fighting for freedom in that way, as we continue to pursue it all around the world, in whatever field we can, diplomatically and otherwise, it is always important and they have given more than anyone could expect of them in that great cause and that’s why they are great national heroes.” 

Fine, fine words, but words need to be ratified with actions. When Morrison condemns one of our own parliamentarians and in particular one of his own parliamentary team for exercising his right to one of the most important freedoms we have in free speech he demonstrates that he is both a charlatan and a straw man. 


It’s a freedom paid for in blood by our brave diggers who have died for it in multiple theatres of war, that sacrifice demands a person does not disrespect those brave dead diggers with his actions as opposed to his words. Our Prime Minister and opposition leader both failed that test with their actions in parliament. 


So while Albanese’s speech was itself full of misinformation, rants and bile you have to question why the Liberal party leadership, the Party that proclaims that it stands for an individual’s right to free speech, to free opinion, to the freedom of the individual, chose to throw one of their own under the bus for simply exercising one of those freedoms to protest for everybody else’s loss of them. 


After listening to and breaking down Albanese’s speech if we want a free Australia that embraces liberal democratic principles, then I do not doubt that Albanese’s is unfit to be our Prime Minister. The sad reality of the situation though is that considering his support for Albanese’s motion to censor and condemn George Christensen, the current incumbent, Scott Morrison is no better. 


At a time when this country needs ethical leadership with some decency, integrity, strong principles and character, this country’s candidate cupboard is currently bare. 

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