Who wears Tin Foil hats now?

Who is wearing the tin foil hats now?

Over the past eighteen months, you would have heard all the sledges targeting Australian citizens who act or speak out against the government’s covid-19 narrative. They have been labelled conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, tin foil hat wearers, virus spreaders and more, all from the mouths of politicians and public servants who all have sworn an oath to serve and protect them.

You would have also heard and read these sledges from our mainstream media and sadly from friends, families and neighbours.

Had you two years ago, before covid-19 hit our shores, predicted all that was going to happen to this point, you not only would you have been labelled a conspiracy theorist, you would have ended up in a room with padded walls.

Who would have thought back then that:

We would have half our country in lockdown,

That Victoria alone would have had to endure six months of lockdown since March 2020,

That businesses, the smallest and most vulnerable ones especially, would have been forced to shut for up to 180 days,

That families would have been split apart by state border closures,

That Australian citizens located overseas, would have been banned from returning to their country of birth,

That family members would have been stopped from attending their parents funeral or even visiting their dying parents in hospital,

That a funeral for a 10-year-old boy from Warrnambool would have attendance at the boys funeral restricted to only ten people, only for restrictions to be lifted a day or so later,

That we would witness, deception, lies and double-speak not seen before from our political leadership,

That we would see the rise of Stasi goon squads amongst our police forces arresting citizens, for peaceful assembly, posting on social media and  conducting a church service.

That we would see police pepper-spraying a 12-year-old girl and then slamming her to the ground in a George Floyd style fashion for the crime of not wearing a mask.

Talking of kids, who would have thought we would as a community have forced them apart from their schools, their sport, their mates and force them to have to endure wearing masks at school when we are not locking them down.

That we would have elite sports playing in front of empty stadiums or forced into bubbles interstate,

That we would have people losing their jobs, their businesses and their incomes all while being told that “we’re all in this together” by politicians and public officers who not only lost no income but enjoyed pay rises.

The list goes on and on and if you had of said that just one of these events would have happened two years ago, then you would have been rightly laughed at and ridiculed by all and sundry. All of this over a virus that has proven no more deadly than the flu and with a 99.98% chance of survival if you contract it

Now we have government and media openly expressing approval for vaccine passports, while speaking out the side of their mouths about vaccines being voluntary. All the while they are deviously implementing a system that will all but make it impossible to go back to your pre-covid life without taking the vaccine, not once, not twice but continually while they trot our their different variants.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the State Premiers and CHO’s are now engaged in a game of one-upmanship of who can out tyrant each other. NSW’s banned people from stopping to talk to each other, even their neighbours. “Now is not the time to be hugging each other or talking to your neighbour at Aldi”, ranted NSW Kerry Chant, while in South Australia if you tried to be a good citizen and utilised the QR system wherever you went, you risk being rewarded with forced quarantine away from your homes and family for 14 days.

You would enjoy this gift from the South Australian government if its QR system identified you as visiting an exposure site. Not to be outdone, the Victorian Andrews government yet again announces a “circuit breaker” lockdown which we all knew would go on for weeks.

What next? cattle trains to concentration camps, sorry I mean quarantine camps, maybe police and military knocking at your door for forced vaccination at your homes and places of business? Martial Law perhaps?

Too much you say? Well, I see your conspiracy theory sledge and raise it with the four-phase plan outlined by our Prime Minister. A plan that ensures that anybody choosing against vaccination would become a second class citizen in their own country with nearly all of our media endorsing it.

In the past week, the editor of the was caught out on video instructing his journalists to shut down any voices or opinions expressing opposition to vaccine uptake, openly labelling them anti-vaxxers. Even people in important positions such as NSW’s Health Minister Brad Hazard labelled anti-vaxxers as being “from another universe” and people who spoke against vaccines as “people lacking any medical training or knowledge.”a

How can a Minister of Government given responsibility for his state’s population health look to demonise and marginalise a significant proportion of them? How can he sledge people with impeccable backgrounds and qualifications simply because they offer a different view to the preferred government one?

Two years ago this would never have happened when it came to health and a stronger Premier than Gladys Berejiklian would have removed such a person in a heartbeat.

It should be no surprise considering the example in leadership our premiers are being given by our Prime Minister, who in an answer to a question about two people dying from blood clots as a result of taking the Astra Zeneca vaccine said “we’re all responsible for our own health decisions.”


Then what have the past 18 months been all about? Such blatant hypocrisy and double-speak would never have been tolerated by the voting public two years ago but now the major party machines see it as a key strategy to winning government. Fear and division is providing great political reward and will continue to do so until it doesn’t. Sadly by that stage what were some of the most livable cities in the world will have been reduced to smoke and ruin. Don’t worry though, we will all still have a bountiful stock of masks and all those pesky anti-vaxxers will be locked away in their homes or those brand new quarantine camps.

The real truth is that people who resist the government and media narrative are not conspiracy theorists and haven’t lost their minds. If you hear them being labelled that, then realise they have all looked for information outside the political and mainstream media mantra. If they were like me they initially gave our political leaders the benefit of the doubt, but as two weeks to flatten the curve turned into nearly two years of lockdowns, onerous and at times mindless restrictions and the loss of hard-fought freedoms and liberties, they began to question our politicians, our bureaucrats, our media and their combined narrative and strategy.

They went looking for answers and they found them.

Once those answers were found, people spread the word, a dialogue our political elite didn’t want to be spread, so to counter it they needed to demonise them and that’s what they did and that’s what they continue to do.

So every time you hear the term “conspiracy theorist” substitute it with the word “Enlighted”, every time you hear the word “tin-foil hat wearers” think of them instead as “freedom fighters”, every time you hear the sledge “Anti-vaxx” think of the term “informed and well-read”.

Substitute reality for their sledges and rather than enduring them as the spiteful arrows as they are intended, wear them as a badge of honour instead.

The fact is the ones who should hang their heads in shame are;

The ones who have stolen our freedoms, our liberties and our way of life,

The ones who demonise the people they swore to serve and protect with mindless sledges,

The ones who receive unethical orders and obey them without question,

The ones who disseminate misleading and even deceitful information and news,

The ones who remain silent while knowing what’s happening is wrong,

The ones who engaged in campaigns of fears to destroy businesses, lives and families,

The ones who have looked to divide us into two tribes with the aim to have us to be at each other’s throats so as to distract us from their failings,

The ones who swallow the propaganda they are feed to use it to attack others that don’t,

If you find yourself being sledged by any of these people of shame then realise that the reality is that they fear you, that they realise that the real conspiracy is being engaged by those with the power to do so and that they live with the anxiety that their house of cards will eventually come crumbling down.

If these people are not confronted, questioned and challenged and even defied where necessary, then the freedoms and the way of life we previously enjoyed and have a right to be returned to us will never be restored. What’s worse, is if they win the day, then a more onerous and draconian system of government will be installed instead.

If you don’t believe me, then call me a conspiracy theorist all you like and I will present you with the evidence of the past two years. Maybe in doing so, you may then see past what you think may be the truth to instead see the real tin hat wearers.